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Praise Temple of Biloxi is a “Community of faith within the community that has been called to transform the community.”  It is this vision statement that drives this ministry that is affectionately known as PTBx.  PTBx was started on January 1, 2015 under the Apostleship of Bishop L. Lawrence Brandon of Shreveport, LA.  It was then that Bishop Brandon connected with and ignited Pastor Jakavious Pickett to launch Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Church of Biloxi.  On January 16, 2015, Pastor Pickett was installed as Sr. Pastor of PTBx and the church was dedicated to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the city of Biloxi and throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Praise Temple Biloxi has been geared for the assignment of carrying the Gospel to the masses.  This ministry embodies the call of Matthew 25 and has made it their mission to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, and take care of the needs of the broken.  This 21st Century ministry has set out on a mission to do church unusual and grab those that the church has forgotten about.  This ministry has been assigned to provide a space for multigenerational worship experiences that will allow families young and old to worship under one roof.  This ministry has been developed to fix broken homes and lives and connect them to their God given purpose.  This ministry has been classified as a ministry of purpose that is leading people to their destiny.

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